My first blog!

hey guys, my name is Aniston and this is my first blog post! I’m super excited to try something new! I have been thinking about it for a couple of months now, Im finally stepping up to do it. I am going to be positive and hope everyone enjoys reading them! I hope to be positive and uplifting to for those who are a stuck or just having a bad day.

Things i may be writing about-

  • Being happy
  • Spreading love, joy, and happiness
  • Treating others how you’d like in return

I can not wait to start writing! i hope this helps, and you enjoy reading my posts as much I do making them.

I find my hope in Jesus

Just when I’m struggling. About to fall.

Just when I’m about to give in and thinking down on myself. When I’m just about ready to say whatever and throw it down.

Just when I believe I’ve done all I could and it isn’t going to get better, I find Jesus.

Jesus, I rest in you. I put my sorrows, fears, regrets, and dreams in You. This is a reminder, to anyone who may have forgotten where their hope and faith may lay. It’s at the feet of Jesus.

When you open your Bible, when you think deeper, when you look around, you’ll find it.

It’s hidden in the small things.

The scriptures, the thoughts that come from within, the people you come in contact with, and actions and words that God has made just for you.

After this, you’ll find the hope. The hope He has been holding in His hand for so long.

Waiting on me. On me to come home.

Here I am. Finding my hope in Jesus once again.

Mold me, make me, and transform me into someone who always always always will find their hope in You, Jesus.

What a peace it brings over me to know, You, Jesus, is where my best hope is.

And tonight, I pray I do the same tomorrow and the next.

Being the Light

One of the hardest things, I believe, is to stand up for what you believe in, stick out, or be recognized. And if it happens to me, it for sure isn’t purposely.

It’s hard for me to intentionally do any of those things.

Something that has weighed me down, stayed in my mind, made me wonder, is how are you going to make a difference if you don’t do those things?

How am I going to make an impact, a change, a newness, if I do not reach out and take the next step?

I’ve wrote about being the light before but did I truly understand the meaning of that? Probably not.

I do not mean try to be center of attention by any means and sometimes being the change YOU want to see can come across as such.

Do it for the right reasons and the right things. But how hard, right?

To be the good light when all you see is darkness.

We see it in our everyday life, our schools, our community, our social groups, etc…

As I tell myself, I tell you. Be the light.

If you don’t understand where I’m coming from because sometimes I’m not so clear, I mean a smile.

A wave, a “How are you doing?” sincerely, a friend filled with reassurance, a student fueled ready to go, a member on board for anything good.

Be it. Today.

How much brighter this place would be if we could all shine a little light into each other’s darkness. We have to lift each other. And that isn’t something to be jealous or envious of. That is something to be proud of.

Something you should support and be all in for.

I truly enjoy seeing someone go up. I hope you do too.

Drink the Milkshake

Do what you want!

Eat it. Do it. Say it.

Life is too short to live by others standards and expectations and it’s imperative you know this.

Understand it.

I get the whole “what will they think”, I should be the last to say anything around “don’t worry” because I do.

I worry what they’ll think. I worry what they’ll see you as. Or if they’ll judge you. Maybe they won’t like you anymore.

But does it really matter? I understand those thoughts. They are so hard to hear past. But girl, you have got to think deeper. Think past all of that. Think about the opinion that really matters.


I am learning this, very very slowly. But I feel it getting a tad bit better.

I just wanted to stop by and say God is the only opinion that should weigh you down. It shouldn’t way you down but you get the point…

Others can weigh you down. So much it gets too heavy. And then it affects other things. Other thoughts. And our life!

Look past them, to see something so much greater. I love the compliments, the advice, the “just letting you know”, the bluntness, but God is the only one I’m listening to.

And in Him, I find peace. So if I were you, I’d drink the milkshake and listen to God. 💕🍦

Walk Them Home

We are, in a way, to an extent, a maybe, a perhaps, walking each other home, to the place they want to be. The person they want to be.

When we smile, laugh, talk, act, decide, think, show, etc… maybe we’re bringing that person a little closer to their home.

Walk them home, slowly. Help them when it’s needed. Show them when it’s not clear.

We are walking each other home as if it’s planned but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes we don’t realize the impact something has.

Until they reach their home, talk.

Until life passes and your turn is up.

A heart that is full of the lessons they’ve been taught, or the decisions they’ve been dealt with, or the feelings they’ve felt, had a role for you in them.

How special is that? You should be appreciative of such an opportunity. I sure am, for the times I have seen first hand.

It all adds up and makes a home. And sometimes we need help creating our home. We need to be shown the lessons and people. The experiences. We, as people depend on these types of things. We live for them.

If we are never shown or taught things, how are we supposed to learn or know?

It all adds together and makes a home. I hope you’re helping someone mold their home.

Make it so well and strong.

Make it unbreakable.

Make it beautiful.

Give your all in creating this, in playing a part, and the right people will attract to your effort, and they’ll do the same.

Today, do that. Walk them home ❤️

Making the Right Routines…

Maybe you don’t even know what this is. Or don’t have all your ducks in a row just yet… but this is something that is necessary to some.

I am the one who thinks it’s life or death if I have no routine set in place. Ready to be done. Hour by hour. Day by day.

I mean like the to do’s. The things that need to get done. The things I make long lists of and love seeing marked out at the end of the day. That’s just who I am and that’s just how I roll.

You may be thinking “she’s only 16 what does she have to do…” lemme tell ya. I’ll come up with something. I stay pretty busy.

But at the end of the day when the lists are marked out and the feelings are “accomplished” and “achieved”, did we really get the important, life or death, to do’s, right routine done?

Think about it! If we get so caught up in the lists and the to do’s, we sometimes don’t make enough time for the real things. The things that are vital.

Maybe it’s reading your Bible. Or possibly prayer time. Oh, or stopping to feel the presence of Jesus in that struggling moment you’re itching to make off that list.

The moment we make a to do based on what Jesus wants, we will be one goal closer to being successful. To being satisfied. To being accomplished. To being Christ-like.

So as I write this, I am not making it my New Years resolution, I don’t want to call it that. It’s just a personal goal of mine to make the right routines. Of course still stay organized, my OCD will kick in but more importantly stay organized with the things that aren’t put into action as much as I’d like.

A goal to do this, isn’t saying I don’t already. But I could grow just a little closer to Him, in my faith, and within myself daily.

So, today if you didn’t make it a priority to change the routines up, I pray you do. It makes a life’s worth of difference. It’s change for the better.

Jesus is there to meet us halfway and how sweet is that? Come as you are, He has been waiting.


When you Focus on the Good, the Good gets Better

I have seen this quote a million and one times. But sometimes you see something so much it loses meaning.

So for this to come up on my Pinterest feed at 1 am this morning, I thought to myself…

“What does this mean?”

“Figure this out. Use it as a guide for 2020.”

“Dig deeper and grow strong in believing such a thing.”

“Find out why you believe this. Is it true?”

So, here I am. Explaining myself to myself over why I believe the good gets better when you focus on it…. and it’s because,

Because when you get so busy looking at the good, you don’t even see the bad.

Because when you find so many good things, you become grateful and blessed, truly. You sincerely appreciate everything.

Because the bad doesn’t even seem THAT bad when you know good will come out of it.

Because your mindset changes and wow does this make a difference. Even in the small things.

Because the small things matter, because they add up.

Because you become more positive. Because you see the bad things as a lesson or “trial”.

Because you don’t see them as a setback, a stopping point, a sign to give up, because when you focus on the good, the good gets better.

In 2020, I hope I focus on the good. I hope I focus so much on it, the bad doesn’t stress me, doesn’t worry me, or hinder. Only hint to me that it’s about to get really good.


Tidal Wave

It seems to me the worst always happens right before the best.

And that is really something. It gives me hope, faith, and courage. It gives me a positive mindset and thoughts that linger in clouds that should be labeled “possible outcomes for the good”.

The feeling I get when something bad happens isn’t a temporary sad, depressing feeling.

At times, yes it can be and this is so normal. But more times than not, it gives me a feeling of renewal. Just as if it’s all about to change and I am about to see God show out.

Now I know sometimes it feels sticky and as if you’re doing nothing with your life. This is normal too! But maybe a scenario will help with the thoughts that clutter your mind when that “bad thing” happens and crashes everything, as though it seems.

A tidal wave, for instance. It comes in strong sometimes, sometimes tiny, so tiny you can walk right through it.

But those other times when the flags are out and the people are not in sight, that’s when it gets “bad”. You feel as if you’re alone.

I am here to tell you, you’re not. So keep thinking…. after that tidal wave makes it’s appearance, it comes in and maybe it speeds up. And then it hits you and washes over you.

That is where the renewal, un-sticky feeling comes from.

So, maybe you’re in the midst of your ” bad” right now. Maybe you’ve already experienced it. Either way, I hope you see and know it gets better and think of it as a tidal wave.

Make peace in the midst of the ache. Of the uncomfortableness. Of the waiting.


The Hallway


Here I am. Standing at what feels like the opposite end of where I am supposed to be in my hallway, and may be. I may not even be half way out yet. I may almost see a light. I really don’t know at this point.

But I do know who opens and shuts the doors at both ends of the hallway. I know God is in control. I know He is working behind the scenes, doings things there is a good possibility I will never see. How faithful is that? He is doing things I may take credit for, believing I did it myself.

God is doing things I have no control over. Things are being fixed, cleansed, renewed. And I know how bad that hallway sucks. I really do. It gets boring and discouraging. You sometimes feel like you are gonna be here forever. But I promise you, you’re not.

This takes time, and God knows how you are feeling!!! He knows every fear, every doubt, every sticky place you have…

You are not alone and I think that is so important to understand, and me too. As I type this, I talk to myself too. God is listening, but you have got to talk. You have got to make and effort to see Him working.

It does not just happen overnight.

While I am here, I am trying to find what works best for me, who works best for me, what I want. We lose vision of that sometimes, and that is okay. A reminder of self sense is good.

Being here makes you want to figure out who you are and that is common. Maybe you are here for something big that is coming!! How exciting to know who holds your future??

Good things take time, and it may be a little while longer than what you want. But that’s the sweet thing about the hallway. You sometimes find yourself while waiting for the lights to come on and for the door to open.

Love, a girl in the hallway


Lessons From Jesus

I am learning so many things as the days go on and am in awe of just how clear I see those things. It’s not because I have 20/20 vision or because I learn things in great detail.

It’s because I have Jesus Christ.

The purest, most kind, richest form of love there is. He is beside me teaching and showing me in my days just what I need to know.

I have learned to be comfortable in the “almost there” instead of the “here I am”… it’s ok to sit in the same place for quite sometime. It’s ok to not see growth as the days go on. Simply trying is enough. With or without evidence immediately of it.

I say this because I feel this. I know Jesus has me sitting still to know He is there. He is helping me focus all the blur on His presence. What a sweet lesson from Jesus that will help me understand the sitting still in the future too.

I am learning it’s ok to feel small on some days and loud on others. It’s ok to feel as if you have power and an impact. But it’s also just as ok to sit back and just chill simply because you have thoughts. Thoughts that’s linger and make you think twice. Everyone has them but not everyone listens.

I am learning to tune them out. To not listen. And to focus my vision on the most important thing there is. Everyone has those bad days you have. As long as you find grace in those days, in the small things, and in the big ones, you’re growing. Whether you see it or not.

I am finding the difference in standing tall in height and standing tall in heart. Stand tall for what you believe, even if you are the shortest in the crowd. I promise in the end, you will not regret staying true to yourself!

I am seeing that I can be the biggest mess but also the best work of art there is. And so can you! I know and accept this because Jesus has showed me. He has told me. And he continues to never fail everyday at this.

I’ve learned Grace and growth enjoy holding hands. They enjoy the journey they’re on in us. They love working together and they love seeing things moving and changing in our life.

I’ve learned to have grace in the storm, in the most perfect day, and during the growth. Because overall, it’s all just lessons from Jesus with a little bit of grace and growth mixed in between.


Who would you Impress?

Food for thought:

“If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?”

What would you show off, how hard would you try, what would you even do?

What would be your “eye catcher” if the world couldn’t see you? If they couldn’t see the beauty of a face you have to show, the makeup you’re so good at doing, and the clothes you look so good in.

If they couldn’t see you physically and say “that girl is beautiful”.

What would you do if they didn’t have the power to judge you based on your looks? How would you even feel if no one saw your face?

Would you feel confident, confident in yourself that your heart, mind, and soul was enough of a catch, someone recognized you by just that?

Would you feel satisfied even without the pretty body and cute clothes?

Would you still stand tall and determined knowing your face couldn’t get your way through things?

Would you be alright with being known for the words that come out of your mouth and a little less of your facial features.

What if it was more of a “Her heart is so pure” and a little less of “She has cute jeans on” type of world?

Would you be known as someone good? Would you be heard and listened to?

If no one ever saw you, but only heard you, who would you impress?

And it’s ok if your answer isn’t “everyone” or a number of people, neither is mine. I just hope you read this as a motivation to work towards being heard more for what really matters rather than something that just is nice to have.